eCommerce Consultation Services

Providing content owners with the ability to drive eCommerce growth

We will work with you to develop eCommerce strategies, helping you implement processes and deliver results by applying eCommerce best practice to your business, providing solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

We have extensive entertainment retail experience, including a combined 18 years of experience at Amazon with experience in a wide variety of roles across eCommerce and B&M including Vendor Management, Retail Marketting, Buying, Customer Experience and Category Planning, providing an excellent multi-angled view of retail with strong commercial knowledge and experience in problem solving.

We are proficient in managing complex projects and delivering results, with the tenacity to achieve goals coupled with a drive to exceed expectations and in-depth experience in framing problems and applying rigorous analysis.

We are fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recommended practice. Client confidentiality and information security are paramount.


A range of services are available including;

  • eCommerce

    We will provide understanding of the eCommerce segment, the challenges it brings both now and in the future. We will provide strategies to address the impact of the exponential growth of mobile shopping. We will explore international distribution opportunities and the benefits of the growth of digital consumption. Amazon has become the de facto marketplace for online shopping. What can content owners do to ensure this works for them? Now that manual content curation is dead what are the alternatives? What is the impact of third-party traders and FBA? How can you prevent counterfeit product?
  • The Amazon Dilemma

    Amazon's overall sales growth outpaced wider online sales growth in the UK, growing 22.5% compared to the UK average of 8.4% in 2017. and is estimated to have accounted for 33.5% of all online spend in 2017. Amazon is the largest disc retailer with a 24.3% share of the market and are disproportionally important for smaller labels because of their ability to stock everything. For suppliers, Amazon's rigid processes and move to hands-off automation can be frustrating. The inevitable long-term outcome is a move away from traditional account management for all but the very largest vendors.
    We have over 18 years of experience working at Amazon and can advise on multiple areas including Content Curation, Winning the retail offer, Defeating counterfeit, Getting the pricing right and Reducing the impact of 3P FBA imports. We can provide audit services identifying discrepancies in costs and orders. We can provide analysis and recommendations for underperforming titles and how to increase sales.
  • The Rise of Digital

    The total video market grew 7.5% in 2017 to £2.6 billon, with physical at 30% of the value of digital - Digital is now more than two-thirds of the market. This relies on some assumptions but it's believed that revenue from the likes of Netflix, Sky Store, Amazon, Google and Apple grew by 22.2% in 2017 and now accounts for 70% of the video market. We can advise on conversion of mezzanine (video) files, supporting metadata, and monetisation options.
  • Marketing

    Unlike search ads on Google or Facebook that direct traffic to a company's own web properties, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is aimed at driving traffic to a product page. This is the next disruption in advertising, just as Google and Facebook disrupted traditional print and television advertising by allowing brands to quantify ad engagement via clicks, Amazon are disrupting by allowing brands to actually quantify sales driven by their ads - the holy grail of advertising. We will provide strategic recommendations for marketing. The mix, brand alignment, the message and execution. We will enable greater understanding of Paid Search - the most targeted form of paid-for advertising - including Google AdWords & Amazon AMS. We will provide recommendations on Paid Search unique keywords, advice on managing the potential cost, guidelines for effective structured campaigns, and how to refine your campaign until it delivers the desired results. We will supply guidance on the revolutionary power of Social Media - accessing highly engaged customers and why it’s about brand-building and engagement rather than direct sales. We will advise on content syndication so you can drive engagement with compelling editorial about your product and ensure this content reaches the public.
  • Customer Experience

    We will review your website interface & design, usability, ethnography & content strategy. We will provide recommendations on improving the customer journey and on conversion optimisation. We will provide customer insight where available, where the customer can be internal, retail or the end consumer. We will enable you to understand the benefit of customer high value actions and how to capitalise on this.
  • SEO

    We can advise on best practice SEO ensuring your website and products are prominently displayed in search results with strategies to ensure your pages provide more value for search engines.
  • Email

    Advice on best practice email marketing can be provided. We will ensure an email strategy that places customer information at it's heart to drive increased customer loyalty and repeat business. We will focus on collecting visitor data and growing business intelligence to produce better targeted marketing.
  • Analytics

    We can undertake deep dives into data to enable you to better understand your business and your customers. We can provide the selection & implementation of analytics platforms for customer & business intelligence as required.

  • FEES

    Initial consultations are free. We will help you to achieve results on your available budget so you can grow your business. We can provide estimates for projects as required. We can agree a set number of hours or days each month or a price for a project before we start.

    Our hourly rate is £ 60

    Our daily rate is £ 300

    There are no hidden fees and we do not charge monthly retainer fees.


    Alex Perkins
    Maidenhead + London, UK
    Phone: +44 (0) 7832 184 181
    Email: perky@perkynation.com


    Alex Perkins
    eCommerce Consultant

    Following a number of years working as a self-employed music promoter and DJ, Alex began his entertainment retail career with MVC (Music and Video Club) as a sales assistant before moving into management and head office roles, working in Category Planning before becoming a DVD Product Manager. In 2006 Alex moved to Amazon as a Vendor Manager coinciding with the launch of Amazon Advantage for Entertainment Media products, acting as a central point of contact for DVD Advantage vendors for all issues, from site queries and resolving operational problems to liaising with internal and external accounts teams and solving payment issues for vendors and improve overall payment systems. Alex managed and negotiated all aspects of the commercial relationship with a range of Major studios as well as Advantage & independent DVD studios. Alex worked closely with the Amazon merchandising teams to drive effective activity for vendors, the In-stock team assisting in the decision-making processes for managing stock and Global Advantage team to ensure localisation so that the specific needs of UK were accounted for. Escalated and resolved technical problems with Advantage tools (EDI, external product reports, pricing). and developed excellent knowledge of Amazon systems, including Advantage systems, both Extra and Intranet as well as pure internal tools.

    Pete Snow
    Expert Retail Marketing and Customer Experience Consultant

    Pete has spent nearly two decades designing and managing customer-centric websites for a wide range of organisations, including seven years in the marketing and merchandising function at Amazon. He started his career as an artworker and typesetter for a design studio, going on to establish the firm's online production department. During this time Pete delivered the re-launch of The Spectator magazine's online offering, developing it from a static information website to a weekly content site based on a bespoke content management system (CMS). Pete went onto programme and design CMS systems for a variety of businesses from theatre companies, to financial corporations. In 2010, Pete moved to Amazon, working with mainstream and independent film studios, developing integrated marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, as well as running cross-functional projects to improve discoverability across the DVD & Blu-ray product line. Pete went on to become Amazon's EU media representative on the mobile shopping experience working group, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for EU Browse and Search taxonomy. This saw him leading the co-ordination of 'browse development projects' across six countries. Pete also devised, designed and delivered a major EU-wide initiative to re-build and re-structure the browse structure for DVD & Blu-ray in preparation for the launch of Amazon's Prime Video offering.